We Are an Authorized, full service Malone tuning dealer. All of the tuning gets done inhouse, including the bench flashing and the DSG tuning.

We have updated our name to German Diesel Motorwerks. Below is our new logo. You can sign up here for notificationof when our new site goes live.


We are now stocking the Rawtech exhaust kits. Contact us to save on import shipping.
If you want us to tune your ECU but do not live local to us simply ship us your ECU and we will tune it and return ship it to you. Most shipped ECU's get tuned and return shipped the same day. Payment is very easy via Electronic Invoice. You can pay the invoice via Paypal or credit card. If you need to ship your ECU to us Click Here and scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to so.

We offer TDI chip tuning for all TDI cars from 1996-current. There are many benefits chip tuning has over "tuner boxes" and below are a few:
  • Repairs factory flaws, such as the hot-start issue found in ’98-99 MK4 Golf/Jetta and New Beetle TDIs. Many ’98-99 TDIs require extended cranking to start the engine if the coolant is warm. All our tunes fix this issue.
  • Higher idle speed for colder climates or vegetable oil conversions.
  • Dynamic EGR control: EGR-on when cold to shorten engine warm-up time (better fuel economy, in-cabin heat, and reduced cold cylinder wear & tear), EGR-off when warmed up to minimize or virtually eliminate intake soot build-up.
  • EGR delete (off-road use only) (tuner boxes cannot suppress a check-engine light).
  • DPF delete in '09 and newer TDIs (off-road use only) (tuner boxes cannot suppress a check-engine light).
  • MAF sensor delete (tuner boxes cannot suppress a check-engine light).
  • MAP-sensor upgrade. Many turbo upgrades need a MAP sensor upgrade to allow full boost to retain factory overboost protection. Some tuner boxes will circumvent the factory overboost protection, and you need a boost gauge to see the actual boost.
  • 100% VW dealer and VCDS (VAG-COM) compatibility. Tuner boxes skew the OBD2 data; the engine computer sees less accurate injection and boost data because the boxes alter them outside of the ECU..
  • … and much more.